Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Based on the critical importance of specialized clinical laboratory, It was decided to establish the Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences under the umbrella of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University in 1429 AH. The location of the association had been located at the College of Applied Sciences, King Saud University.
The Society acts as a link between clinical practitioners, researchers and leaders on the one hand, and members of the community and institutions designated nationally and globally on the other hand, in this field on various branches responding to their needs and privacy, keeping pace with the challenges of its field, pioneering initiative and scientific and practical creativity, to achieve continuous development in the health sector through training, education, teaching and scientific research.
Among the most important objectives of the society is to promote the scientific level of employees in the specialization, facilitate the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas in the field of laboratories between bodies and universities inside and outside the Kingdom, and contribute to raising the level of health awareness in the community.